Naoto Shirogane

Naoto Shirogane
Naoto as she appears in Persona 4 Arena
Katakana シロガネ ナオト
Age 15-16
Birthday April 27, 1995
First Appearance Persona 4
Weapon Gun
Arcana The Wheel of Fortune
Persona Sukuna-Hikona, Yamato-Takeru, Yamato Sumeragi,
Amatsu Mikaboshi (Detective)
Japanese VA Romi Park
English VA Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

Naoto Shirogane is a major character in Persona 4 and all its kindred titles. Originally in disguise as a male (the "Detective Prince"), she enters the investigation in collaboration with the police force. She is eventually revealed and joins the Investigation Team where she utilizes her unmatched case-solving skills to uncover the mystery plaguing Yasoinaba.


[edit] Appearance

Naoto is fair-skinned, small in height (at 5'0) with short blue hair and blue eyes (grey in Persona 4). She wears the traditional men's Yasogami High Uniform with her trademark blue detective's cap. Her summer outfit consists of a light blue dress shirt coupled with a yellow necktie. During her winter off days and in Persona 4: Arena she wears plaid pants and a blue coat with yellow buttons all throughout. Her New Year's outfit consists of an argyle sweater underneath a light blue coat. During the ski trip, she is seen wearing a snow suit, goggles around her neck, dark pants, and purple gloves. In the epilogue, Naoto abandons her masculine clothing for different clothing. Her outfit is a plain sleveless white shirt with dark colored pants. Her hair is also slightly longer.

In Persona X: Detective Naoto, her look is the polar opposite of her usual, masculine style attire. Her hair is now waist length and her cap has been discarded. Within the manga she wears grey khakis with a matching coat and a white dress shirt and blue tie.

[edit] Personality

Despite her age, Naoto is incredibly mature and sophisticated. She speaks with an eloquent vocabulary and a deeper voice, specifically before the Investigation Team goes to save her. As a detective, she's a rational thinker who tends to analyze every detail before coming up with a conclusion. This logical method of thinking is both a liability and an asset to her deduction of the events transpiring in Inaba. It is not until late in the game that she finds about the TV World when she experiences it first hand. While her intellect is high, she can be quite oblivious to the feelings of others. She cannot express emotions well and often gets confused when trying to explain her feelings. She's also very shy and reserved, as seen when she mysteriously disappears before the swimsuit portion of the Beauty Pageant and her reaction to the medical exams. Her intelligence, high profile experience, and androgyny makes her a popular classmate at school, even if the attention is unwanted. She's also rather fixated with her line of work, referring to forms of entertainment and other aspects of school life as trivial and a waste of her time. She is the only main playable character to require max courage and knowledge to activate her social link.

Her shadow reveals that Naoto is extremely insecure about her gender and age. Due to the patriarchal nature of her work, she feels that women are not taken seriously in the force, especially for a female of her age. As the 5th generation detective in the Shirogane family, she carries a heavy amount of pride in executing her work correctly, even if her age hinders her ability to do so. She despises being looked down upon due to her size and age, as she tends to break out of her stoic mold when one mentions either of these things. Her desire to be one of the adults causes her to lack a sense of belonging, which eventually is the catalyst for the manifestation of her shadow. By the end of the game, Naoto becomes more comfortable with her gender and begins to break out of her shell. In Persona 4 Golden's epilogue, Naoto switches to a more feminine attire that shows she's no longer insecure regarding her appearance.

In Persona 4: Arena, Naoto carries herself with the same mature, calm demeanor we're used to seeing from her throughout the series. Her investigative prowess allows her to "solve" the mystery of Labrys, but not before she runs into some perplexing situations of her own. Her "shadow" within the game continues to mock her over her desire to become a man, but her new found acceptance allows her to shrug off the jabs and focus on the task at hand.

In Persona X Detective Naoto, she seems to be in total equilibrium with her femininity and appears to lack any sort of internal conflict.

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