Yu Narukami

Yu Narukami
Yu as he appears in Persona 4 Arena
Katakana ナルカミ ユ
Age 17-18
Birthday 1994
First Appearance Persona 4
Weapon Two-Handed Katana
Arcana The Fool, The World
Persona Izanagi, Izanagi no Okami, Wild Card
Japanese VA Daisuke Namikawa
English VA Johnny Yong Bosch

Yu Narukami is the protagonist in Persona 4 and all its kindred titles. He was originally unnamed, christened only just in Persona 4 Arena. In the Persona 4 manga adaptation, he is referred to as Souji Seta.


[edit] Appearance

The Protagonist of the Persona 4 series is a fair skinned male with medium length gray hair resembling a bowl cut style. He is generally thin and quite tall, second only to Kanji Tatsumi in height.

His attire throughout most of the series is the traditional Yasogami High Uniform (which displays his year number (II) along the collar of his shirt) coupled with a white button up. During his days off in the winter months, he wears a dark collared jacket, turtleneck, and black pants. On seldom occasions during the winter (mostly for events with friends) he wears a white coat over his school uniform. During the school camping trip and in gym class, he wears a conventional Yasogami High track jacket and matching wind pants.

In Persona 4 Golden, Yu has a variety of outfits to choose from while adventuring in the TV World. These can be accessed by progressing through various parts of the story and via purchase at Croco Fur in Okina City. During the Halloween event, he dresses up in a traditional vampire outfit. His New Years Day attire consists of a blue winter jacket, black gloves, and dark colored pants. His Cross-Dressing Pageant clothes don't stray far from his conventional outfit, as he wears a women's Yasogami High uniform accompanied with grey colored pigtails and black leggings.

[edit] Personality

As a silent protagonist (aside from occasional phrases while summoning one of his Personas), Yu Narukami expresses no distinguishable personality traits within Persona 4/Golden. In Persona 4: The Animation he can be described as a very blunt, kind, and sympathetic individual who's willing to assist anyone regardless of if he knows them or not (we see this specifically within the "Summer Vacation" episodes when Yu takes a series of odd jobs to help out a variety of conflicted citizens throughout Inaba). While he does have a relatively stable personality and easy going demeanor, he's oblivious to intimacy which creates some rather uncomfortable moments with most of the women. Nevertheless, this naive nature allows him to get away with some comments that would be unacceptable if one of his male counterparts was to say it. He's generally emotionless until the last episode of the series during his departure from Inaba, which he's seen crying as the train begins to pull away. While Persona 4 portrays Yu as the ideal individual, there's a glimpse of his weaknesses and inner demons within the animation. His hallucination during the fight with Mitsuo Kubo shows that he is paranoid of losing his friends to the point where he would rather see the investigation continue than grow distant from the team. In the final episode, his shadow appears within the televisions and admits that he's terrified of being alone again. While he lacks the deep emotional conflicts of his friends, they are quite visible in his reluctance to be separated of the group. This may insinuate a lonely past back in his hometown.

In Persona 4 Arena, Yu Narukami carries the same easy going demeanor as he did in Persona 4: The Animation. He stands out as one of the more "mature" contestants, constantly telling his opponents post-fight to relax and wait until they get to the bottom of the conflict before jumping to conclusions. In his "brainwashed" state, he is condescending, rude, and more than willing to point out the insecurities of his friends pre-fight. His friends express shock at the more abrasive Yu, which results in them becoming even more upset and confused at these events. As their "leader", his insults hit the hardest particularly within the members of the Investigation Team.

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